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N° d'enregistrement à Sofia (Bulgarie):         202657751

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A french agency for international marriages (Russia and Bulgaria) for men from 30 to 65

Our members are not only young ladies of about twenty years, but stable persons having, for most of them succeeded in their professional life.

They are engineers, frameworks, professor, doctor or managing their own business.

The youngest is 25 years old, but the average of age for our female members is above to 40 years.  

Most often children are major, ladies are available for a second life abroad .

They hope to meet men of their age, with a comparable cultural and social level.

If you share same expectations, " European - Brides " can help you to find your companion.

Our agency is clearly positioned to help the creation of couples of persons in the second part of their social life.  

Our mission is to form durable couples and our experience let us to believe  that for the international marriage success, a certain experience  and maturity is necessary.

We will help you to understand cultural differences and expectations, and to discover a very interesting country

It is clearly this observation that has decided our positioning.

Professional careers being able to be a brake to international relationships, the proximity of the retirement is clearly an advantage for the success of these relationships.



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