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 Présentation en vidéo de notre agence

Serious for us, means that we are completely independent of local Russian or Bulgarian agencies. We do our own promotion in these countries, and we receive our members directly.

We are very cautious about the candidatures of very young and very beautiful women like models. Marriage, especially through a marriage agency, is the meeting of two projects and a love affair. Our youngest members are generally between 35 and 45 years old, our responsibility is to present to our members people with whom they can imagine a real future.

We don’t offer long-term commitments without certainty of physical rendez-vous . We will only contract with you from the moment or with one of our Russian or Bulgarian members, you will plan a physical meeting in real life.

Ethics for us is to take with the same level, expectations of men and ladies.

The priorities of lives, are very different between Russian and Bulgarian women.

This is related to culture and lifestyle.

Our Russian ladies are living in the Moscow region are urban, accustomed to the advantages and disadvantages of the capital. Loving shopping and animation.

Our Bulgarian ladies prefer a quieter life away from the big cities. Of course this description is general and has exceptions. Our responsibility is to guide everyone to get a couple, ban the profiles of very young and very sexy candidates, whose long-term project would be doubtful, to propose only profiles that can adapt in the long term.

We have a role of advice and support and we avoid in couples too important age differences, and to inform each of our members in order to help them to take the best decision.

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Our Values:

 Presentation of our french-russian international marriage agency

An agency without long term subscription

European-Brides est une agence matrimoniale enregistrée à SOFIA (Bulgarie)

European-Brides could also work for european men

These pages are, destined mainly for men living outside France, who want to use services of our agency, to meet women living in others country, at the research of a stable marriage.

" European - brides " is an Bulgarian agency, registered to Sofia, with both french and russian management

As a couple in the life, we think that international marriages, can be a wonderful adventure, for persons with an open spirit  and respectful of cultural differences.

We help to connect women living abroad, mainly in Bulgaria or in Russia  with men living in France

(mainly in Midi - Pyrenees).

But we can equally help men living in the European community.

An ethical process

Our process wants to be ethical and is very respectful about wishes of our members.

We check for each, the motivation of their researches and all elements necessary to propose persons with common moral values. We validate their matrimonial status, and synthesize important points of their project.  

The interest to use our agency as compared to a direct approach on Internet is to present to you respectable candidates with who you will be able to envisage a marriage on a solid basis.

For our members, we insure the respect of their researches  and support them in this process.

The rule is to inform them on all difficulties and advantages to live abroad.

In all cases we respect their choices, as the same we respect your choices.

Well on, being an agency  with a French management,  we privilege French  as  foreign language that have to speak our members,  but it is just to specify that the great majority of  our  members  only speak English.  

With a permanent presence on Moscow, we will take care of you, when you will meet your bride.

We are an agency without long term subscription, that means that we will work together only if we validate a reciprocal interest with a member, already in our catalogue.

In  that way, after having validated your project and the assistance that we can bring you, we will consult videos of presentation of our members.  They are available, whith a high social level and also they want to change their life.

We will share with them, your own presentation video and support your project.

This is only after having validated a reciprocal interest, that you will decide if you wish to commit with us in order  to meet these ladies.

With our agency, you are not committed for ever . but  only on truly promising contacts.

If your project is serious, do not hesitate to contact us on our email, or on Skype in order that we could to discuss on it.

A french agency for international marriages (Russia and Bulgaria) for men from 30 to 65

Our members are not only young ladies of about twenty years, but stable persons having, for most of them succeeded in their professional life.

They are engineers, frameworks, professor, doctor or managing their own business.

The youngest is 25 years old, but the average of age for our female members is above to 40 years.  

Most often children are major, ladies are available for a second life abroad .

They hope to meet men of their age, with a comparable cultural and social level.

If you share same expectations, " European - Brides " can help you to find your companion.

Our agency is clearly positioned to help the creation of couples of persons in the second part of their social life.  

Our mission is to form durable couples and our experience let us to believe  that for the international marriage success, a certain experience  and maturity is necessary.

We will help you to understand cultural differences and expectations, and to discover a very interesting country

It is clearly this observation that has decided our positioning.

Professional careers being able to be a brake to international relationships, the proximity of the retirement is clearly an advantage for the success of these relationships.