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N° d'enregistrement à Sofia (Bulgarie):         202657751

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Our vision on our mission for helping you

Our mission is to help foreign women (mainly Russia and Bulgaria) to connect with men mainly located in France

(Midi-Pyrénées) but also in others countries of the European community, USA or Canada

With the marriage as an objective, we will help to form couples, in the respect of each.

Our members, are persons of quality whose age is between 30 and 65 years.

For most of them, they succeed in their professional life and they get a high cultural and social level.

They seek to share their life with persons with a same level respecting them and sharing their expectations.

In no case, their decision is related with a difficult economic situation.

They are attracted by a country with normal and  pacified family relationships, that  point is often very important for them.If you are attracted by the Russian culture, and by cultivated and attractive ladies seeking as the same to you to change their life, with a fair and loyal man , " European - Brides " will support you in this process.

We meet each member in order to validate their project, their respectability and the adaptation to a life in a foreign country. Our mission is not only to help people to connect  themselves, but also we believe to have a support and accompaniment role.The management of "European-Brides" is sharing the French and Russian culture. This allows us to underline advantages and difficulties that represent such marriages.

By sharing our experience with you, we will help you a lot.

" European - brides " will help you to understand expectations of persons that we will present to you.

We will provide to you ,all the possible assistance to meet the appropriate person that will correspond to you.

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