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Administrateur de données personnelles:          398323

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Our videos are anonymous.

That means that presentation films contain no data, allowing an immediate identification such as familly name, address, telephone number or email

In these videos, members describe  their project and their expectations

If some members retain your attention, we will  send your video  to introduce you and also your project.

For facilitating this initial  communication step, your video could need to get subtitles in Russian or in Bulgarian language. Your presentation must to be fully  understandable by each lady.

At the opposite of french members, we will not be able to make the shooting of your presentation film and to meet you individually in your country.

On the other hand "European-Brides"will integrate Russian or Bulgarian subtitles if it is necessary.

When ready, your presentation video, will be transmitted to ladies that you would like to meet.

After the feedback of these ladies, we will communicate you their decision and if one or several members agree to continue with you the process.

In that case we will organize Skype meetings with you and each of these ladies for a first initial contact

After that meeting you will need to decide if you want to meet her physically in her country.

Important :

With our agency, our relationship will be contractual, when two persons will agree to meet physically together. This contractual relationship will be valid, until the physical meeting in the country of residence of the lady was done.

Of course, our role will be to support you in the totality of this process. Our reward, will be when you will be married and happy to be

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What is the process for European-Brides to meet russian and bulgarian ladies

Our activity is  mainly located in  Russia and in Bulgaria.

If you are attracted by the Russian culture, and in the research of a marriage with a woman both cultivated and attractive, please contact us by email or  through Skype.  see" To contact us ". web page of this site

On the basis of the filled questionnaire (available on this site), we will exchange for the first time, in order to validate your matrimonial project and to clarify the support that our agency can provide to you.

The first contact between our members is made by an exchange of presentation videos.

Our catalogue is constituted by videos of each of our members.

After validation of the consistency of your matrimonial project, we will consult the totality of this catalogue, for identifying persons whose the project could match with you.